Female-fronted post-punk and weird
Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 107: Boy-Girl
April 29, 2017 6:00pm


Dance-y, Punk-y, New Wave-y, freaky and funky music made by women, with a focus on rarities from the '70s and '80s. Every Saturday from 6-8PM with Erin Eyesore.
This week: some of my favorite songs with male-female vocals.
Ginny Arnell- Dumb Head (1963)
Sort Sol ft. Lydia Lunch- Boy-Girl (1983)
Zeitgeist- Don’t Hold On (1981)
Sin 34- Say We Suck (1983)
Molesters- Disco Love (1979)
Kontrola W.- Bossa Nova (1982)
Camilla Motor- Der Zauberer (1983)
Egoslavia- Right For Pictures (1982)

The Waitresses- Quit (1982)
Gruppo Sportivo- I Shot My Manager (1978)
Xex- Look at His Heartbeat (1980)
The Fat Five and the Thin One- Locomotive Driver (1985)
Performing Ferrets- Nudes (1981)
Krisma- Lover (1979)
Units- Digital Stimulation (1980)

Sparks ft. Jane Wiedlin- Cool Places (1983)
Aerolineas Federales- Gualberto (Dia y Noche) (1986)
Human Switchboard- When the Light Breaks (1981)
Los Microwaves- Time to Get Up (1981)
Cha Cha Guitri- Monsieur Madame (1981)
Suburban Lawns- Hug You (1983)
The Rezillos- Flying Saucer Attack (1978)
X- Adult Books (1980)

Writz- Night Nurse (1979)
Glorious Strangers- Why Don’t You Join the Army? (1980)
Ultrasheen- City Boy (1981)
Outi Popp- Astu Siniseen Huoneeseeni (1985)
Barbie and the Kens- Uptown Downtown Cruisin’ (1980)
Bohemia- Empty Room (1981)
Lucrate Milk- Dritte Blind Meuse (1987)
Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons- The Poet (1981)

And The Native Hipsters- Mr. Magic (1980)
Charlotte and Serge Gainsbourg- Lemon Incest (1984)

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