Temple One Oh Fourrrrr w/ DJ Arnold (Run the Length of Your Wildness)
May 6, 2017 4:00pm



4:00pm: Bewitched by Andy Summers from Bewitched

4:03pm: Mass by Yello Magic Orchestra from BGM

4:08pm: O Moena by Tri Atma & Gyan Nishabda from Sehnsucht und Einklang

4:13pm: Dance I by Durutti Column from Circuses and Bread

4:19pm: Die Hangerbruckenbauer by Pyrolator from Pyrolator's Wunderland

4:25pm: Minimotion by Moebius & Beerbohm from Double Cut

4:29pm: Light Years Away (Dub Version) by Warp 9 from It's A Beat Wave

4:34pm: Sadomaso by Calice from Sadomaso

4:40pm: The Whistle Song by Frankie Knuckles from The Whistle Song

4:47pm: Heat the Beat by Sal Wood from Heat the Beat

4:55pm: Sugarspoon by Baby Ford & the Ifach Collective from Sacret Machine

5:02pm: Te Quiero (Club Mix) by KSM from Te Quiero


5:08pm: In A Tea-Room by Die Form from Die Puppe

5:10pm: Six in the Morning by Low Jack from Lighthouse Stories

5:14pm: Radiant Dominance by Frak from Primitive Drums

5:19pm: Final Call by Dj Qu from Social Experiment

5:21pm: Guess Why (Triple X Remix) by Tom Langusi from Guess Why

5:23pm: Cycles by Dj Slingshot from Cycles

5:24pm: High Times by Dj Slingshot from Cycles

5:26pm: Stay Forever by Dirty Harry from Love Mode

5:32pm: Out'a The Box (Crazy Club Dub Mix) by Jiraffe from Out'a The Box

5:35pm: Still Ain't Over by C. M. Toni from Jus' Coolin'

5:37pm: Esc by Hissman from The Paper Moon

5:41pm: Shades of House by James Duncan from Deep House Part 3

5:46pm: Always On (Club Mix) by Music People from Always On

5:48pm: One More Night (Nu Disco Vocal Mix) by Big Al from One More Night

5:51pm: Must See by Kyle Hall from Must See

5:55pm: Body Salsa by A. Bascom/V. Dernardo from The Grand Lodge of Luxor

5:57pm: Movements in the Opium Den by Teflon Dons from Teflon Dons

5:59pm: Holding On by Tikkle from Outer Limits

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