May 11, 2017 10:00am


Rouse is plunging into some deep waters this week, and he's brought along the best crustacean DJ we know as co-pilot. You might say he and Prawns take a Heavy Handed approach to this one...

Ray of Light 95 - Sage Caswell
State of Mind - Goldie
Breathe - Gaussian Curve
Do Dekor - Jan Jelinek
Sundry - Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
O-Coast - Overmono
Three Rings - Grizzly Bear
Matariki - LNS
See Yourself - Slacker
Dark Flow (Andres Remix) - Trus'me

Prawns Guest Mix
Lullaby - Urulu
Autumn - Richenel
2poor4change (Hodini remix) - Mr. Fries
Lalime (Dandana mix) - Project Pablo
From a Past Life - Lone
Into the Silly World - Coni
99 Candles - Seven Davis Jr
Repeater - FYI Chris
Clocks - Greymatter
Ar-Ragis (Medlar Remix) - Clap! Clap!
Another One - Fold
Destiny - Interplanetary Criminal
Say It (Baba Stiltz Remix) - Klaves
Worldwide Deluxe Edit - Frits Wentink
Skylark - Ike Release
Fever Dream - Octo Octa
Lefty's Bar (Brame & Hamo) - Fouk
Monk Nash - Rick Sheen
Wopp - Sweely

Rouse B2B Prawns
Get Together (Deep Vocal Mix) - Deep Sensation
Freedom (make it funky) (color 1 on & on strong vocal mix) - black magic
Deal With It - Pendle Watkins
Shoelaces (Acid Instrumental) - Josh Wink
Of All the Places Left to Dance - Tee Mango

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