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starring Dr. Hal !
May 19, 2017 10:00pm
ANOTHER NIGHT of Special Guests-- Jocund Jett, Sultry Spy and Kryptic KrOB. Faith, we were up a-yakkin' 'til Cockcrow. But there was another Guest, as it turned out, a giant Aranea spider. Not the oversized tropical spider inadvertently liberated by Michael Peppe recently-- that same arachnid seems to have taken up clandestine housekeeping behind the storage racks in the anteroom, where (so far!) she prefers brooding over her egg sac to emerging to confront visitors. But this newly encountered web-spinning giant dropped in for a visit. NOTE: Dr. H. Owll has encountered these before. They generally live in the upper hills of San Francisco. A few years back he literally ran into one, walking into the huge web, which was to all intents and purposes invisible, while traversing from upper 21st Street to the 22nd Street Steps, his habitual mode of descent. A truly huge Aranea crawled on him that time, one larger than Science allows. Now another such creature has entered the studio, not part of but perhaps drawn to Jett's amazingly comprehensive Spider Collection. Perhaps listeners can be excused in thinking "the drugs" were responsible. Indeed, they augmented the experience. But Spy actually got tired of screaming and photographed the eight-legged visitor with her phone. NEXT: BATTLE OF THE GIANTS!

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