Temple 105: Ceres Motion
May 20, 2017 4:00pm


4:00pm: Standards of Beauty by Bookworms from Standards of Beauty

4:07pm: Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain (#2) by Gastr del Sol/Tony Conrad from The Japanese Room at la Pagode

4:10pm: Untitled 3 by William Basinski & Richard Chartier from Untitled 1-3

4:21pm: The Magic Yard by Lubos Fiser from Valerie and Her Week of Wonders

4:27pm: Idiom of Peace (Original Mix) by Solune from Idiom of Peace

4:32pm: Kisu by Ian Hawgood from Tegami Beauty

4:42pm: The Second Wave: Sirens by Suzanne Ciani from Seven Waves

4:49pm: Eme by Christopher Willits from The Art of Listening

4:56pm: En Dehors (1980 - 1985) by Jaap Vink from Jaap Vink

5:07pm: Ceres Motion by Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company from 1970-1973

5:22pm: Comet Shadow by Graeme Miller & Steve Shill from The Moomins

5:27pm: Kiosque À Musique by Pierre Mariétan from Revista de Arte Sonoro 7

5:35pm: Go Slowly All the Way Round the Outside by K. Leimer from Recordings 1977-80

5:41pm: The Murder of Jose Robles by Maelstrom from Her Empty Eyes

5:45pm: Piece #7 by Tod Dockstader from Eight Electronic Pieces

5:54pm: Electronic Music by Bulent Arei from An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Volume 7

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