Female-fronted post-punk and weird
Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 109: Our Much Loved Daughter
May 31, 2017 8:00pm


Dance-y, Punk-y, New Wave-y, freaky and funky music made by women, with a focus on rarities from the '70s and '80s. Every Saturday from 6-8PM with Erin Eyesore.

Ginny Arnell- Dumb Head (1963)
Mobiles- Amour Amour (1982)
Grylurnar- Mao Gling (1981)
Crash Course in Science- Cakes in the Home (1979)
The Bloods- Blue Chevrolet (1982)
Faux Pas- Look (1981)

Lene Lovich- One Lonely Heart (1979)
Martha and the Muffins- Casualties of Glass (1981)
Ann Steel- Measurable Joys (1979)
The Florists- Our Much Loved Daughter (1983)
Ana Hausen- Professionals (1981)
The Staff- Tcha Tcha Tchina (1982)

La Gran Curva- Tension (1985)
The Pinkies- Open Commune (1981)
Marilyn and the Movie Stars- So Disgraceful (1981)
Dogmatic Element- Strange Passion (1982)
The Petticoats- I’m Free (1980)
FSK- Ab Nach Indien (1982)

De Cylinders- I Wanna Get Married (1980)
Juicy Fruits- Japanese Title (1980)
Model Citizens- Animal Instincts (1979)
Detecters- La Cuitat No Es Per Mi (1987)
Hans-A-Plast- Starfighter (1979)
The Jellies- Jive Baby on a Saturday Night (1981)

Mother’s Ruin- Dany Hot Dog (1979)
Thick Pigeon- Subway (1982)
Baby’s Gang- Jamin’ (1985)
Maximum Joy- Searching For a Feeling (1982)

Photo: Adele Bertei (The Bloods)

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