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starring Dr. Hal !
June 9, 2017 10:00pm
Jett, Michael Peppe, Dr. H. Owll, Puzzling Evidence and KrOB were joined by acerbic ADH Science Solon Pete "Starman" Goldie. Although Pete never got close enough to a microphone, he did engage heavily, as they say, with the two new Kaiju creatures Jett had brought to the studio. Like the recent Giant Spider visitor, the gaudier of the two unthinkable alien beings showed aggression, when, apparently inadvertently insulted in some inter-species fashion by "Doc" Goldie's sharp tongue, It became enraged-- and went right for Pete. Quite a tussle it was. Clean-living Pete eventually prevailed against tentacles and mouth-parts... And there was other stuff, too, to fill the three hour slot we've been allotted. These are great nights and days, but soon Dr. Howll must begin his annual travels. A Substitute Crewe will do the honors for the next five weeks after our last show on June 23rd.

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