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starring Dr. Hal !
June 23, 2017 10:00pm
AS PREVIOUSLY THREATENED, Jett brought in a huge container of Kaiju monsters; these made themselves at home in the Studio with great rapidity. They were everywhere, and unfortunately no respecters of the control board. Several times Michael Peppe or another guest would find himself cut off when a wandering claw, tentacle of tail brushed a button and caused the proceedings to come to a standstill. KrOB was there to fix things, though. Puzzling Evidence sat apart, not wishing to get on the microphone or chat with Pete Goldie. Dr. H. Owll presided over his last show on Radio Valencia for the next five weeks. But, Rocket Rookies and Etherettes, fear not! The Dr. Hal Krewe will be on the job during that interval. On August 11th, should he return safely, the live Dr. Hal will be heard in the mix again. And now-- off to X-Day-- and beyond!

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