June 27, 2017 10:00pm


In a recent review of this year's summer films provocatively entitled "Ticket, Torrent, Stream It", Sherilyn Connelly presented to her readers three theoretical routes to viewing a movie:

"... you decide which movies you should pay to see in a theater on a given weekend, which you should watch on the streaming service of your choice in a few months, and which you should download using Bram Cohen’s peer-to-peer problem-child BitTorrent — which, of course you should never do, because stealing is wrong."

Now this article was read by dozens of people, including Karen Carpenter, Bob-Marc, KrOB, the entire Radio Valencia Board of Directors, Alan B, my guinea pigs and the CEO of an important film rights protection group made of 500 entertainment corporations who will not sleep at night in a world where creative properties of artists can be illegally stolen by soulless denizens of the Internet. Although Connelly was unambiguous about stating the wrongness of intellectual property theft, a serious letter was sent and the RV Board of Directors decided to suspend Connelly's contribution to the FINAL BROADCAST of NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND on the grounds that even suggesting that creative property gets stolen is equivalent to armed robbery of Stevie Wonder's walking stick. Also, each download of the latest Transformers masterpiece takes at least $30 out of Michael Bay's pocket. And the Alamo New Mission Drafthouse has to lay off 2 hunchbacked servers. And Blockbuster won't be able to open a second outlet in the Mall of America. Clearly, Sherilyn Connelly is a monster.

NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: In a statement, Connelly decided to spend more time with her family and asks that you respect her privacy.

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