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starring Dr. Hal !
June 30, 2017 10:00pm
DR. HAL WAS GONE, Man, we mean real gone, dig? He was, like, already at X-Day, in more ways than one. So it was up to the ADH Krewe, and in they came, to provide the audience a LIVE show, rather than the dread "re-run," ever so-o uncool. Way, WAY uncool. See, like these swingin' science studies, dig, they sample audience profile numbers, computer algorithms and all that crazy jive, and, dig, they "made a determination" that the, like, statistically average Ask Dr. Hal! Show listener just doesn't roll with that nowheresville re-run scene. Matter of fact, the cat would rather groove on ANYTHING else than a re-run. So, like, your wish is our command, Baby. Lend us your ears and listen in while the Dr. H. Owll-less Ask Dr. Hal! Show kicks out the jams. Get set for lots of this.

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