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starring Dr. Hal !
July 14, 2017 10:00pm
THE KREWE GO QUITE INFORMAL on this occasion, to gain lasting fame when it will be said they boldly, defiantly broke away from the classical view that "art" should obey established conventions and seek to achieve timelessness. The Podcast was rejected by the so-called "Hipsters, Techies" or "Yuccies" as "triggering" intangible feelings of being disapproved of. The rejection was occasioned not so much by the female nude Cabaret performer (depicted), a well-known, oft-limned singer-dancer in Hollywood film shorts (in this particular case in no shorts)-- a classical subject --as by her presence in a modern setting, accompanied by bumptious, grinning, bourgeois m-e-n.

Yet the Show only pays tribute to Radio Valencia's artistic heritage, borrowing our subject from The Pastoral Concert - a painting by Titian attributed at the time to Giorgione (now in the Louvre) - and taking his inspiration for the composition of the central group from the Marcantonio Raimondi engraving after Raphael's Judgement of Paris, in the mode of Dave Fleischer. Let us know what YOU think.

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