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Malderor - Bootie Hangover, 2017 Edition
July 23, 2017 2:00pm


Malderor was reeling from a one-two punch of Country-Karaoke in Oakland on Friday, and then a typical Saturday night DJ gig at Bootie. Meaning he was hung-the-fuck-over, and completely unprepared. So there are almost zero new releases this week, sorry! However, 3/4 of Cheap Hooch came in early just hang out at the station, so they helped nurse the bad heads in the crowd. Check it out!

2:06pm: The Great Commandment by Camouflage

2:12pm: Ain't Gonna Take It Anymore by Whitey Morgan

2:14pm: Little Old Wine Drinker Me by Eddie Spaghetti

2:16pm: The Best Of All Possible Worlds by Eddie Spaghetti

2:21pm: Control Freaks by The Control Freaks

2:23pm: You Lost The War by Cock Sparrer

2:25pm: Sons Of The New Millennium by Cock Sparrer

2:37pm: Wine Takes Me Away by Merle Haggard

2:38pm: You Sound Like Your Sick by Ramones

2:40pm: Fuck Off by Grave Babies

2:45pm: Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad by Meat Loaf

2:50pm: Punk Out by Suicide Machines

2:54pm: Enjoy The Silence by The Famous

2:57pm: Hybrid Moments by The Famous

3:05pm: Fly The Flag by Stiff Little Fingers

3:08pm: The Bottle Let Me Down by The Chris Ford Band

3:12pm: We Are The Boys by Pulp

3:20pm: Bloody Mary Morning by Willie Nelson

3:24pm: I Don't Get Drunk, I Get Awesome by Perdition

3:27pm: Delirious by Eddie Spaghetti

3:31pm: All Things Must Pass by The Jesus and Mary Chain

3:36pm: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue by Bad Religion

3:43pm: Jackson (live) by Johnny Cash

3:45pm: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Bruce Dickinson with Godspeed

3:50pm: Books About UFOs by Husker Du

3:56pm: God Song by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:58pm: Drinking by Jimmy John Cornell

3:58pm: I'm Not Hungover by Bourbon Crow

(Contains 2 hours of Cheap Hooch with Malderor co-hosting as well.)

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