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starring Dr. Hal !
August 11, 2017 10:00pm
AFTER RETURNING AT LAST from X-Day and later travels, Dr. H. Owll was gratified to have a veritable Symposium (and that's the best kind) of towering intellects as voluble guests. One more of these, and then he makes the next arduous trip-- this one to the fabled Black Rock Desert. But the Show this time boasts a Smorgasbord of philosophic sages. We counted among these Jett, Rusty Rebar (avec fetching companion Lisbet), Sebastian Melmoth (yes, him) about to set forth on more Wanderings, Michael Peppe, KrOB the Unbelievable (couldn't get Varan on short notice) and Ralph Fielding Snell. A brief vision of Puzzling Evidence was apparently hallucinatory. Settle back and hear them go at it!

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