Temple 110
August 26, 2017 4:00pm


4:04pm: Ulams Spiral by Dopplereffekt from Cellular Automata (2017)
4:06pm: Tief Im Dischungel by Vono from Dinner Fur Zwei (1982)
4:11pm: Cosmos Annie by Hart 10 from Hart 10 (1983)
4:17pm: General Dimensions by S. English from General Dimensions (2016)
4:21pm: Elyla by B12 from B12 Records Archive Volume 1 (2008)
4:27pm: For Minhaly (Liver Version) by Auntie Flo featuring Laurie Pitt from Theory of Flo Remixed (2016)
4:36pm: Hotcake by Marc Barreca from Music Works for Industry (1983)
4:38pm: Commando Mix by Front 242 from No Comment (1984)
4:47pm: Qian by Iona Fortune from Tao of I (2017)
4:52pm: Isolate by Function from Recompiled Extractions (1999)
4:55pm: Close Load by Robert Piotrowicz from Can\'t Illumination (2003)
5:06pm: Repetitive Algae by Kevin Drumm from Crowded (2012)
5:18pm: Approaching. Blood Gushing by Mats Gustafsson / Joachim Nordwall from A Map of Guilt (2017)
5:23pm: Cleo by Blondes from Warmth (2017)
5:29pm: Comida Para Todos by Toresch from Essen Fur Alle (2016)
5:34pm: Theurgy One by Anna Zaradny from Go Go Theurgy (2016)
5:48pm: Brass Mechanics by Motion Graphics from Brass Mechanics (2016)
5:51pm: Black and White by Shy Layers from Shy Layers (2016)
5:54pm: Hatred of Music I by Tim Hecker from Ravedeath, 1972 (2011)

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