August 29, 2017 10:00pm


While the television season no longer runs neatly from September to May, there's still a rush of new shows — especially on broadcast networks — in the fall. Here are the Top Picks from the Popular Culture Department of NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND.

"CSI: Radio Valencia" - Tuesday 10pm

Join the top investigators of the Radio Valencia staff email list as they solve the crime of the century: who took the missing bathroom
key. The answer will surprise you! (well, maybe you... not us).

"Cuck and Robyn" - Tuesdays 8pm

He's antifa, she's MAGA... but can pure, blind hate be enough to keep them together? Next week... a visit from the hippie in-laws!

"Twin Peaks, The Sleepening" - Sundays 10 pm

Life in the Twin Peaks Assisted Living Center is anything but bland
meals and Matlock, why there are matching lodges, a vortex and endless mystery... like who put that fish in the coffeemaker? Join the dwindling cast of the original series as they confound their relatives with backward talk and long periods of catatonia for their final season. Seriously, THEIR FINAL SEASON.

"The 700 Club" - Saturdays 7pm

You know one of these days Pat Robertson is going to go off about the darky who served him last week at Olive Garden. You don't want to miss this confirmation of all your suspicions! Season premiere guest star: Donald Trump's spiritual advisor, the Gay Zombie Jew Roy Cohn.

"Star Trek: Discovery Hearing" - Sundays 9pm

ST:DH is the first Star Trek TV seriesdeveloped by network executives intentionally trying to turn the popular TV versions of Star Trek into a predictable, muddied mess. That's right, exactly what you've come to expect! This time some guy plays a human who was adopted and raised by Sarek, father to Trek's most beloved character, Spock, only to become a corporate lawyer with a passion for fiscal responsibility. BEAM THOSE SPREADSHEETS DOWN, SCOTTIE!

NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: Why it's another Golden Age of Television!

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