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starring Dr. Hal !
September 15, 2017 10:00pm
A GARRULOUS ENTRY in this Series, in which Dr. H. Owll, plied with Liquor and various Potations by his well-meaning Friends, speaks at length, and all too indiscreetly, about various Poets and Personages, living and dead. Abandoning Discretion as the Pod-cast moves through the allotted Hours, he spreads his unsolicited Opinions. Present were KrOB Sabrepop, Jett and Puzzling Evidence. It is perhaps of Interest to note here that "Dr. Howll" was not, during these Proceedings, a Well Man. Nay, he did suffer encroaching Laryngitis, and the Listener may care to compare his Voice at the start with its Croak at the Finish.

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