Temple 112
September 23, 2017 4:00pm


4:00pm: Awkwardly Blissing Out by F Ingers from Awkwardly Blissing Out (Blackest Ever Black, 2017)
4:07pm: Kamome Dayori by Hiroshi Yoshimura from Pier & Loft (17853 Records, 2017 RP)
4:15pm: Possibly She Was One, Or Had Been One Before (Brew Dog) by Fire! With Oren Ambarchi from In The Mouth - A Hand (Rune Grammofon, 2012)
4:25pm: Another Moon by Minor Science from Whities 012 (Whities, 2017)
4:29pm: Every Single Fish In The Pond by JASSS from Weightless (iDEAL, 2017)
4:36pm: Rdassm by Eduardo De La Calle from Magnetic Transducer EP (Mule Musiq, 2016)
4:42pm: Secondary Infection by CVN ‎ from Exposure (Where To Now?, 2017)
4:49pm: Sendak by Asusu from Hallucinator (Livity Sound, 2016)
4:56pm: Rote 3 by Rote from EP2 (BleeD, 2016)
5:04pm: Factories 1979 by Lor from Cin Cin 004 (Cin Cin, 2016)
5:09pm: Datajungel by Telephones from Vibe Telemetry (Running Back, 2016)
5:15pm: Arches by Acteurs from Corridor (MILD VILNC, 2017)
5:20pm: Post Pressure by Best Available Technology from Twisted Ladder (Working Nights, 2016)
5:25pm: Gherkin Tape by Simoncino from Gherkin Tape (Unknown To The Unknown, 2016)
5:29pm: Acting Crazy (Instrumental) by Round Three Feat. Tikiman from Acting Crazy (Main Street Records, 2017 RP)
5:35pm: Dirts by Xander Harris from California Chrome (Rock Action Records, 2016)
5:39pm: Boogieman by Eric Copeland from Goofballs (DFA, 2017)
5:44pm: 大空 (Sky) by Fumio Miyashita from 自然 Shizen (Nature) (Soundings Of The Planet, 1991)
5:50pm: What Belongs to Time by Gabriel Saloman from Movement Building Vol. 3 (Shelter Press, 2017)
5:58pm: 2nd Home by Radio Slave from Feel The Same (REKIDS, 2017)

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