Temple 113
October 7, 2017 4:00pm


4:00pm: Primes by Bezier from Primes (Dark Entries, 2017)

4:05pm: Ganzfeld Effect by Pye Corner Audio from Stasis

4:10pm: Smile by Rhythm & Sound W/ Savage from Smile

4:19pm: Haul (Max Cooper Remix) by Christian Löffler from Mare Reworks

4:26pm: Can God Rewind? by Hypnobeat from Prototech (Dark Entries, 2017)

4:32pm: suB1 by uon from zlo (Motion Ward, 2017)

4:38pm: Human Life Is Not A Commodity by Ziúr from U Feel Anything? (Planet Mu, 2017)

4:42pm: Bun So Nude by I-iii from Dolce (Livity Sound, 2017)

4:47pm: Illumine by Dyad from Illumine (Don\'t Be Afraid, 2016)

4:56pm: Mind Yer Head by Ingleton Falls from Champagne In Mozambique (Isle Of Jura Records, 2017)

5:00pm: Inner Light Network by Ste Spandex from Tusk Wax Nineteen (Tusk Wax, 2016)

5:08pm: Jason P (Surface Tension) LIVE DJ MIX:

Hobgoblins Hat by Graeme Miller & Steve Shill from The Moomins Soundtrack

New World by Phew from Light Sleep

Always the Same by Tav Exotic from Biocosmos

Voce by Ixvlf from Involuntary Movement

Marbles in the Garden by Daniele Ciullini from Domestic Exile

A Straight Line by Kama Rupa from Sistinas Sanguis

Smutsiga Händer by Folkvett from Folkvett

Guardami by DsorDNE from Tristi di Rabbia

Bloo n Red (@ 33) By J Albert from Small Room

Three Forces by Novo Line from Movements

Trudeau (Dither) by Wilted Woman from Diary of a Woman

Shitty Cough 14 By Beau Wanzer from Untitled II

Celestial Ash (Edit) by Anna Homler and Steve Moshier from Breadwoman

Paradise Capital by I-LP-O IN DUB from Capital Dub Chapter 1

Sea Serpent by Robert Bergman from B03

Msd (Version Deux) by Manie Sans Delire from Untitled

Machinery Infinity by Dsx and Sid Lamar from 90^

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