Radio Valencia, San Francisco Community Radio
Malderor - The World Continues To Burn
November 5, 2017 2:00pm


Malderor was training new DJ Jeff, and hanging with DJ Deathwish while the world continues to be a terrible place. We play some new music, some old music, some punk, some jam bands, a few double-shots from recent releases, etc. Check it out!

2:00pm Get Me Out by New Model Army

2:05pm: Dark Was The Night by Blind Willie Johnson

2:08pm: I Won't Back Down (Live) by Jason Aldean

2:12pm: This Means War by Fang

2:17pm: Racists by Anti-Flag

2:20pm: For What It's Worth by Liam Gallagher

2:25pm: I Quit Girls (Japandroids Cover) by Be Forest

2:30pm: Radio Valencia by Tango #9

2:34pm: Dead And Gone by The Screaming Bloody Marys

2:41pm: Got To Let Go by The Bees

2:47pm: Bleed Over by Mhostly Ghostly

2:53pm: Do We Choose Who We Love by The Waterboys

2:58pm: Babylon by The Interrupters

3:02pm: Stepping Razor by Peter Tosh

3:13pm: Oh Sweet Nuthin' by The Black Crowes

3:22pm: Pimper's Paradise by The Black Crowes

3:33pm: Expose The Truth by The Struggle

3:37pm: Lone Wolf by Topnovil

3:41pm: Street Justice by The Generators

3:45pm: Bullets Not Bailouts by The Bum City Saints

3:48pm: Up With This by Cock Sparrer

3:51pm: Sons Of The New Millennium by Cock Sparrer

3:54pm: Eighty-Four by The Strypes

3:59pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

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