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starring Dr. Hal !
November 17, 2017 10:00pm
INSIDE, within the most civilized and urbane exterior, one may expect to find that unbridled, chimpanzee-like egotism and rage, capable of malice and violence, all forms of destructiveness. This is what we on the Show seek to banish. We are a philosophical symposium of peaceable Enlightenment, to which no subject is considered too "sensitive." Our Listeners know this, or seem to. Still, without conflict, where can there be any interest? --one may wonder. Well, Sir or Madam, the WHOLE MEGILLA is in conflict with the aims and power of the Conspiracy. But we (and the entire Church of the SubGenius) shall prevail, as we have long anticipated and expected. Three hundred minutes, if you have the time, featuring Dr. H. Owll, Michael Peppe, Jett, Puzzling Evidence (silent though present) and KrOB. Lively was the Chatterbox during this lengthy outing.

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