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Female-fronted post-punk and weird
Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 117: Oblique Ritual
November 8, 2017 8:00pm
Dance-y, Punk-y, New Wave-y, freaky and funky music made by women, with a focus on rarities from the '70s and '80s. Wednesdays 8-10PM with Erin Eyesore.
CRUEL DIAGONALS TAKEOVER! Ft. live music and DJ set from Megan, aka Cruel Diagonals.
Puce Mary, “The Spiral”
Anna Gardeck, “Rubber Rituals I”
Leurre, “Jacons Cloane”
Lisa Lerkenfeldt, “Six Worlds of Touch”


Beverly Glenn-Copeland, “Sunset Village”
Berangere Maximim, “Cracks”
9T Antiope, “IV. Edax”
Strie, “Foxes”
Aisha Devi, “Anatomy of Light”
LCC, “Ba”
Karen Gwyer, “Why Is There a Long Line in Front of the Factory?”
Sophia Loizou, “Divine Interference”
Carter Tutti Void, “f(x) = 2.7”
Bloom Offering, “Swallow (This City)”
Swan Meat, “Phist (ft. 111x)”
Maggi Payne, “White Night”
Cio d’Or, “Now is Ever”
E-Saggila, “Idle Jaguar”

Image: Cruel Diagonals

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