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starring Dr. Hal !
November 24, 2017 10:00pm
RADIO VALENCIA will soon close its doors at its present location in the famed El Dorado Building, evicted in favor of a more high-paying tenant-- a Karate studio. Hii-Yah! In the beginning of Twenty-ought Eighteen, we'll be setting up our new digs in a far more low-rent spot, replacing comfortable luxury with gritty, urban necessity. O Tempora, O Mores! It may take a bit before we can actually put out any new shows from The Hub (our new pad, Dad). At least by that time we should have finished our chapter-by-chapter reading of James Thurber's novel of enchantment and frozen Time, THE 13 CLOCKS. We just presented Chapter Seven! Prince Zorn of Zorna battles the army of the cold Duke's dreaded Guards, including Krang, the strongest. Meanwhile, the Princess Saralinda, with the aid of the Golux, actually manages to start some of the frozen clocks. One more chapter-- and the Epilogue-- remain. We'll just get it done before the chaos and interruption begin. Well, here you go-- FIVE HOURS of natter and palaver, featuring Dr. H. Owll, KrOB and Puzzling Evidence. Download these last shows; they're going fast! Also featuring the poetry of Clark Ashton Smith and others. Special added attraction: Dr. H. Owll sings the ENTIRE Butternut Bread song! Wow, Gang!

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