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starring Dr. Hal !
December 8, 2017 10:00pm
WE EXPERIMENT ONCE AGAIN WITH THE NARRATION of a film; in this case INVASION OF THE SAUCERMEN, that 1957 exercise in paranoia within a "teen" film-- also called INVASION OF THE HELL CREATURES. We maintained, or perhaps only tried to maintain, during a flailing guest free-for-all, that popularly enjoyed entertainments of their time, like INVASION, inculcated fears which became solidly cemented as folk belief. Here such fears are prompted by repeated scenes of Air Force men blowing up the saucer and covering it up (with shovels), all the while remarking, "It's a good thing those civilians don't know we're out here covering all this stuff up." Later the same speaker goes on to remark, "Y'know, we're just one team out here hiding this evidence. Just think how many teams like ours are out this minute hiding other stuff we can't let the public know about!" And so, this scenario gradually percolates into the lexicon of public belief. Of course, no one pays any attention to INVASION OF THE SAUCERMEN. No one, that is, except true-blue SubGeniuses who know the value of top-grade Bulldada. It was only then that we moved to THIS ISLAND EARTH, and, still later, the immortal EEGAH! With Jett, Michael Peppe, Puzzling Evidence and KrOB, even after the sun comes up...

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