all vinyl handpicked from years of digging, punk, pop, garage, psych, soul and funk and others
First official episode
December 14, 2017 8:00pm


tallking all done behind "Nul" by Clarinette
We are now offically LAUNCHED!! Still all physical media mostly vinyl except when noted

song-artist (album) list:
S/T means "self titled"

Subway Heart - Massacre (Killing Time)
Purple - Morgen (S/T)

Dorji Gyap - Tashi Dorjo (Tashi Dorjo/Marisa Andeson)
Theme from Captain Black - James Blood (Tales of Captain Black)
Its a Vanity - Gabo Brown and Orchestro Poly Rhythmo (African Scream Contest Comp)
Squeeze Me Tease me - Undisputed Truth (Cosmic Truth)
Midnight Sunrise - Ornette Coleman (Dancing in Your Head)

Persian Love - Holder Czukay (Making Movies)
Since I Left you - Avalanches (Since I left you CD)
Urizen - David Axelrod (Songs of Innocence CD)
Me I am - Idio (7")

One Nation Under a Groove - Funkadelic (One Nation Under a Groove)
Jazz Rule - Dewolfe Music Library (Sound Book CD)
Mas Y Mas - Bronx River Parkway (7")

Enter the Dragon - Dennis Coffey (7")
Joneses - S.O.U.L (7")
Little Fly - Group 1850 (Mother-No-Head)
Numbers - Terry Knight And the Pack (7")
2 + 2 - Bob Seger System (7")

The Sun Don't Shine Anymore - Walker Brothers (7")
Lady O - Turtles (7")
Women and Men - Moore Brothers (California Sister)
Dream Selection - Sunnshine (7")
The Old Forest - Bo Hanssen (Lord of the Rings)
Web Weaver - Hawkwind (Hall of the Mountain Grill)
Acka Ragh - Shocking Blue (S/T)
Can you Dig it - Monkees (Head)

Gemini - Zodiac Cosmic Sounds (S/T)
Cognitive Dissonance - Robert Fripp the League of Gentleman (S/T)

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