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starring Dr. Hal !
January 5, 2018 10:00pm
AND LO, THE FIRST SHOW IN THE NEW PLACE somehow did happen, although Cult of the Portable Device problems with electronic doodads and doohickeys nearly kept it from transpiring. Yet, a way around the overcomplicated contraptoids was found after all, however, and no dingfutzers, gizmos, widgets or whatchamacallits were able to succeed in preventing the first Ask Dr. Hal! Podcast "Radio" Show from meeting its appointment with Destiny. At least, ultimately they didn't succeed. At the start, though, our struggle against them did actually result in an unprecedented 14-minute gap, it must be admitted. Then, after almost a quarter of an hour, as you can hear, we got going and performed the rest of our allotted three hours. A poetry-heavy show with interspersed mixes and ruminations. No guests are featured. Just fast-forward for 14 minutes or so.

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