all vinyl handpicked from years of digging, punk, pop, garage, psych, soul and funk and others
Episdoe #5 01/11/18 a combo of all previous genres, psych/soul/funk/garage
January 11, 2018 8:00pm


all 7" unless otherwise noted.

Closing Hymn – Electric Prunes (Release of an Oath)
Howard Christman’s Older – Collectors (S/T)
Big City Funk – Dennis Coffey (Evolution)
Mustache in your face – Pretty (Numero Group 2x7)

Wild in the Streets – Jerry Howard (Wild in the Streets Soundtrack)
What a sorry way to go – Asteroid #4
Ruby’s House Party – Ruby and the Party Gang
The Drunk – James Brown

Silver Black Summer Day – Living Funk
Do the Funky Chicken – Rufus Thomas
Funky Worm – Ohio Players
Now that I’m gone – Charles Bradley and the Bullets

Love in – Psychedelic Guitars (S/T)
Peter’s Trip – Electric Flag (The Trip Soundtrack)
Kendra’s Dream – Dream Syndicate (How did I find Myself here)
Sundial – Cool Ghouls (Animal Races)

Foolish Woman – Oxford Circle (Endless Journey compilation)
Alpha Centuri – Peter Ivers (Nirvana Peter)
You better run – Cheepskates (Run Better Run)
It’s about Time – Pandoras (It’s about Time)
Chimes of Freedom – Dino, Desi and Billy

Out of Focus – Blue Cheer
Expressway to your Heart – Soul Survivors
If you didn’t think – Anna King
Gotta get away - Blues Magoos
There ain’t no use in hanging on – Marmalade
You took Me by Surprise – Hot Soup

You must be a Witch – Lollipop Shop (Just Color)
Troglodyte – Jimmy Castor Bunch
You’re the one – Little Sister
Let it Crawl - Society’s Bag

Pamela – Ultimate Spinach (S/T)

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