Temple 119: Sandwich Time is Coming
January 13, 2018 4:00pm


4:04pm: You Are the One by Shackleton from Devotional Songs (Honest Jon's Records, 2016)

4:11pm: Fifth Season by Conga Square from Secada Mondatta (PFF, 2017)

4:18pm: Skin I by Emptyset from Skin (Thrill Jockey, 2017)

4:27pm: Eller Ghyll by Craven Faults from Netherfield Works (Lowfold Works, 2017)

4:44pm: Kasoa by Cervo from Deyo (Black Ace, 2017)

4:51pm: Restricted Area (Original Mix) by ASC from Sentinel (Arts Collective, 2017)

4:57pm: Dschuna (Dixon Instrumental Mix) by Vermont from II Remixes (Kompakt, 2017)

5:02pm: Orion by Terence Fixmer from Dance Of The Comets (Novamute, 2017)

5:08pm: Mycetozoa by RRoxymore from Thoughts Of An Introvert Part 1 (Don't Be Afraid, 2017)

5:14pm: Mindgrinder by Tyler Dancer from Resisting In The Darkness EP (Don't Be Afraid, 2017)

5:19pm: V3r5u5 by Phon.o from Schutt Und Asche (Cold Recordings, 2017)

5:27pm: San by Hinosch from Hinosch EP (TAL, 2017)

5:28pm: Harp Open by Overmono from Arla III EP (XL Recordings, 2017)

5:29pm: Sandwich Time Is Coming by The Mole from De La Planet (Maybe Tomorrow, 2017)

5:36pm: Heise Pressure by Cofaxx from Pico Vu (Nous, 2017)

5:39pm: Headache Tablet by Autumns from Dyslexia Tracks (
Touch Sensitive Records, 2017)

5:46pm: You Had by Peder Mannerfelt from The 3D Printed Songbook (Peder Mannerfelt, 2018)

5:49pm: Computer Bank by Five Times Of Dust from Various ‎– Close To The Noise Floor (Formative UK Electronica 1975-1984) (Cherry Red, 2016)

5:55pm: The Grand Pacific Garbage Patch by тпсб from Sekundenschlaf (Blackest Ever Black, 2018)

5:57pm: Buddhist State by Prurient ‎ from Rainbow Mirror (Profound Lore Records, 2017)

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