Female-fronted post-punk and weird
Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 121: The Latest Craze
January 24, 2018 8:00pm


Pictured: Ester Zoobes

Ginny Arnell- Dumb Head (1963)
Animals and Men- Just One Kiss (c. 1980)
Vienna- Rendez-Vous Sur La Mer Noire (1984)
Joolz- The Latest Craze (1983)
International Exiles- Note to Roger (1980)
Big In Japan- Society For Cutting Up Men (1978)
Morbid Opera- One-Dimensional (1983)

Bunny and the Lakers- Sandy (1979)
Poles- C.N. Tower (1977)
Bolero Lava- Inevitable (1984)
Sally’s Dreams- Plaster Heart (1985)
Lost Durangos- Evil Town (1986)
NJF- Sitting!! Pretty (1984)

The Fall- Vixen (1985)
Rubella Ballet- Death Train (1985)
Lena Platanos- Witches (1985)
No Trend with Lydia Lunch- Your Love (1985)
Elisa Waut- Unwrath (1985)

Ester Zoobes- Callous World (1981)
Pink Section- Wine World (1980)
Social Climbers- Western World (1981)
Anne Marie and the Pistons- Private World (1980)
Mutants- Opposite World (1982)
Cajun Cutie- Black Man’s World (1980)
Jane Bond and the Undercovermen- Modern World (1985)

The Waitresses- Smartest Person I Know (1982)
The Moderates- Yes to the Neutron Bomb (1980)
The Stroke- He’s Gone (1980)
Doris D. and the Pins- The Marvelous Marionettes (1981)
The Tesco Bombers- Hernandos Hideaway (1982)

Penny and the Rims- Mad Men (1980)

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