all vinyl handpicked from years of digging, punk, pop, garage, psych, soul and funk and others
Episode #8 02/08/18 Maggots, Mekons, Pretty Things, Electric Prunes, Left Banke, etc.
February 8, 2018 8:00pm


All entries 7" except where noted:

Guitar Big Band – Dennis Coffey (Dennis Coffey and his Detroit guitar band)
Dance a Go Go - Sinn Sisamuth (V/A Don’t Think I’ve forgotten)
I love You Better – Monkees (Monkees Flip)
In the heat of the Morning – David Bowie (The World of David Bowie)

Here on It Got Rough – Hildegard Knif (V/A The In-Kraut)
Psych Out – Storybook (Psych Out Soundtrack)
Kyrie Eleison -Electric Prunes (Mass in F Minor)
Distemper – Human Switchboard
Brandy Apricot – Rhinoceros (S/T)

Every Job - Arkansas Man
Electric Eel - Human Hands
Ever been in a Riot - Mekons (V/A Mutant Pop)
Tammy Wynette – Maggots
Patio Set - Embarrassment
Break My Guitar - Ty Segall (S/T)
Ants are Cavemen - Thin White Rope

No Easy Way down - Rain Parade (Explosions in the Glass Palace)
A Visit with Ashiya - Merrill Frankhausen and HMS Bounty (Things)
Eta Omni – Sir Richard Bishop (Freak of Araby)

Jane B. – Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsborough
Vimade Wingman – El Rego
Monkey Tamarind – Beginning of the End (Funky Nassau)
Handcuffs – Parliament

Soul Affection - Interpretations
Soul is our Music – Bobby Patterson and the Mustangs
Cotton Picking – Harrison (V/A Eccentric Soul – The Cash Label)
Talking about Love – Vibrations
LSD – Pretty Things (The Vintage Years)
Time will show the wiser - Merry Go Rounds (Live)

Ivy Ivy - Left Banke (The Best of the Left Banke)
Way Out Weather – Steve Gunn (Way Out Weather)

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