Female-fronted post-punk and weird
Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 123: Video Is Not Art
January 31, 2018 8:00pm


Good amount of true underground stuff on this one. Pictured: Miyako Koda of Dip In the Pool.

Ginny Arnell- Dumb Head
Bera Moar- Manner (1982)
Indifferent Dance Centre- Flight and Pursuit (1981)
Mechanical Servants- Responsateen (1980)
Haushaltwaren- Schnellkochreis (1981)
Cold Dogs in the Courtyard- Video Is Not Art (1982)
Anne Clark- Wallies (1985)

Radio- Djelomičan Popis Lektire (1981)
Victoria Harper- Tiny Samples (1984)
Sensible Shoes- Game (1984)
Dip in the Pool- A Quasi Quadrate (1989)
Swamp Children- Tender Game (1982)

The Residents- Picnic Boy (1980)
CW- I Am Eve (1985)
Pulsallama- On the Rag (1983)
Los Monaguillosh- Prismas de Agatas (1983)
Colour Me Pop- Bikini Trauma (1982)
Anomy- Lone Wolf (1982)

Doris Norton- Hypnotised By Norton (1981)
The Meec- Limousine (1980)
Desperate Hours- It’s a Parade (1982)
Film Noir- Decry (1986)
Defectors- You Only Laughed (1980)
Grupa Sport- Zeka (1980)

Italian Whorenuns- I Hate You (c. 1986)
Bizkids- Something Going On (c. 1981)
Karen Marks- Cold Cafe (1981)
Snowy Red- Lies in Your Eyes (1982)

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