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starring Dr. Hal !
February 23, 2018 10:00pm
THE RIGHT REVEREND DOKTOR MOTHER MILLER was in town, and joined Dr. H.Owll on the Podcast. Some of these sessions approach the provision of needed catharsis-- WE are improved by them, though others may be more indifferent. In this virtuous Voyage let not disappointment cause Despondency, nor difficulty Despair: think not that you are sailing from Lima to Manillia, wherein thou may'st tye up the Rudder, and sleep before the Wind; but expect rough Seas, Flaws and contrary Blasts; and 'tis well if by many cross Tacks and Veerings thou arrivest at thy Port. Sit not down in the popular Seats and common Level of Virtues, but endeavour to make them Heroical. Anyhow, later Puzzling Evidence, Michael Peppe and even KrOB were here, or at least near... Here's the download on the down-low from our abode. Five irreplaceable hours.

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