all vinyl handpicked from years of digging, punk, pop, garage, psych, soul and funk and others
Episode #12 03/08/18 Can, Television, Fall, Feelies, Soft Boys, Rotary Connection
March 8, 2018 8:00pm


Except for the first 3 songs which were CDs, entire show was DJed from a laptop, songs either ripped from CD or downloaded. So all album cuts, a few singles.

True Blues – Last Poets (This is Madness)
Sea Song – Robert Wyatt (Rock Bottom)
Don’t go – Pink Industry (New Naked Technology)

Vitamin C – Can (Ege Bamyasi)
Clean Living – RJD2 (Since we last spoke)
Impeach the President – Honeydrippers
Lean on your Bean #1 – Dinosaur L (V/A New York Noise (Dance Music From The New York Underground 1978-1982))

Little Johnny Jewell – Television (Marquee Moon)
Ah Merha Menina – OS Mutantes (Everything is Possible: The best of OSM)
Crazy Rhythms – Feelies (Crazy Rhythms)

The Man whose Head Expanded – The Fall (Totally Wired the Rough Trade records)
There She Goes Now – Thin White Rope (Spoor)
Positive Vibrations – Soft Boys (Underwater Moonlight)
Life Begins at the Hop – XTC (Drums and Wires)

Coming Down – United States of America (S/T)
Expo 2000 – Chocolate Watchband (Melts in your hands not on your Wrists)
To Be Free – July (S/T)

Magnu – Hawkwind (Warrior at the Edge of Time)
Drugs Ain’t Cool – Ebony Rhythm Band (V/A Cold Sweat)
One Day – Kings Go Forth (The Outsiders are back)

Respect – Rotary Connection (Songs)
Roving Reporter – Alan Hawkshaw (KPM 1000 Series: The Big Beat)
Can’t be Funky – Bush Tetras (V/A New York Noise (Dance Music From The New York Underground 1978-1982))
Do It – Tuxedo (Tuxedo)

Seven Minutes of Funk – The Whole Damn Family (The Whole Damn Family has arrived)

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