Temple 123: Plaza Returneth!
March 10, 2018 4:00pm



4:01pm: VVQ-SSJ by Pendant from Make Me Know You Sweet

4:10pm: Happenings (Original Mix) by Weirdest Dream from White Worms

4:12pm: Eightyeve (Original Mix) by Ivan Fabra from Eightyeve (Original Mix)

4:17pm: Astralize by Martial Canterel from Lost At Sea

4:21pm: Who Are You by Ed Ruscha V from Who Are You

4:24pm: Trespass by Group Rhoda from Wilderless

4:28pm: Caves of Paradise by Actress from R.I.P.

4:32pm: Han Jan by Peggy Gou from Once

4:39pm: Perfect High by Peppermint Lounge from Perfect High

4:43pm: Crystal Babe by Ajello from Crystal Babe


4:50pm: Computer World (Flemming Dalum Computer Edit) by Transport from Computer World

4:56pm: The Voice of Q (Instrumental) by Q from The Voice of Q

5:07pm: Flip Phone by Plaza from Flip Phone


5:10pm: Jungle Hurt by Mathematiques Modernes from Les Visiteurs Du Soir

5:16pm: Unchained by FKJ from Time For A Change

5:22pm: Nightflare by AKT from Astrocat

5:24pm: Evita by Larry Paul Emmett from Evita

5:30pm: On The Continent by Barnaby Bruce from On The Continent

5:37pm: Ce Porte by Kerrier District ‎ from Kerrier District ‎2

5:38pm: Another Life by Kano from Another Life

5:43pm: Looking Through the Night by Art of Love from Looking Through the Night

5:50pm: Ginger & Fred by Tiger and Woods from On the Green Again

5:54pm: Pushin' by Dub Jamz from Various ‎– Rough Cutz #Three

5:57pm: Needy Feelin' by Kerrier District from Kerrier District 3

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