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Episode #13 3/22/18 We have visitors! Lars, Mamiko and Brian Helicopter visit, Shapes, It's a No No, Killjoys, Saints.
March 22, 2018 8:00pm


This episode we have guests! Lars Holmquist, Mamiko Sekiguchi both currently living in the UK and formerly from Stockholm and Tokyo respectively talk about playing in bands and the scenes of their hometown. We also have Brian Helicopter, bass player for then and now UK punk band the SHAPES (1978-now) in the studio talking about the band, playing back in UK punk rock days. Brian is now a US resident and participates in recent tours of Japan and Europe by the Shapes. Thanks guys for coming down.

As always all 7"s unless otherwise noted.

My White Bicycle – Tomorrow (Tomorrow featuring Keith West CD)
Amen – Rotary Connection (S/T LP)
Airline Disaster – Shapes

Batman in the Launderette – Shapes
Surfin’ Hootenanny - That’s a No No (V/A Girls Sazanami Beat Vol. 1 CD)
At Night - Killjoys (V/A Raw Deal LP)
(I’m) Stranded – Saints (I’m Stranded LP)

Financial Declaration – Union Carbide Productions (In the Air Tonight LP)
Thunder Roads – Coup D’etat Virus
Psych Na Rock - Flowermulu (V/A Girls Sazanami Beat Vol. 1 CD)
The Whip – Stompin’ Riff Raffs

Don’t Play Tennis – Shapes
Nagagutsu Terrorist – The Let’s Go(V/A Girls Sazanami Beat Vol. 1 CD)
Typically Teenage – Milk n’ Cookies (S/T 2xLP)
Scungy Girl – Degenerates

Darling – Johnny Moped (Cycledelic LP)
I Don’t want to know – Zombies (S/T LP)
Play with Fire – Rolling Stones
I Tell Myself – Seeds

Teenline – Shivvers ( LP)
Makka Na Jerry – Kinocohotel (V/A Girls Sazanami Beat Vol. 1 CD)
Kisah Disampang – M. Osman & Orkes Nirwana (V/A Pop Yeh Yeh CD)
Achin’ – Plugz (V/A Los Angelinos The Eastside Renasissance LP)

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