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starring Dr. Hal !
March 23, 2018 10:00pm
FIVE HOURS. Can you take it? Starting with the standard show and recitations (Charles Kingsley's "The Sands o' Dee," Tennessee Williams's "How Tranquilly the Olive Branch" and so forth), the arrival of Puzzling Evidence (silent throughout the show) and Michael Peppe (voluble throughout) sets the whole megilla in magnum motion. And we have some talk about the Undead, e.g. Vampires... Oh, we tread again over pre-treaded ground-- some of that is inevitable with this format-- but, just as inevitably, the birth-cry of newly whelped synthesis is heard, at first faintly and then at deafening volume, especially as Peppe strives once again to manage the more than formidable task of Reading the Chatterbox...

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