all vinyl handpicked from years of digging, punk, pop, garage, psych, soul and funk and others
Episode #14 03/29/18 Plugz, O Level, Millineum, Love, Sonics, Dwitght Twilley
March 29, 2018 8:00pm


the usual, all 7" unless otherwise designated.

Achin' - Plugz (V/A Los Angelinos, the Eastside Renaissance LP)
What's for Lunch - Shapes
Suck and Fuck - Mad Virgins
Psuedo Punk/O Level - O Level (Pseudo Punk LP)

Firefly - Dwight Twilley Band
The Know it all - Millinieum (Begin LP)
My Love is Gone - Charlie and the Moonhearts
Mustache in your Face - Pretty
Distortion Mind - I Marc 4 (V/A Nelson Psychout LP)

My Little Red Book - Love
Almost there - Turtles (let me be LP)
Louie Louie - Sonics
Hard Times - Baby Huey (Living Legend LP)

Masters of the Universe - Jeff the Brotherhood (Upstaris at United Vol 3 EP)

City Kids - Pink Faeries (Kings of Oblivion CD)
Grower of Mushroom - Leafhound (Grower of Mushroom LP)
Hearts and Tears - Bich Loan and the CBC band (V/A Saigon Rock and Roll CD)
Funky Way - Calvin Arnold
Soul Ain't no new thing - Bobby Knight and the Soulciety (Soul Ain't no new thing LP)

Pinnochio Theory - Bootsy Collins
Sunny Ti De Anya - King Sunny Ade (Juju music LP)
Happy Hour - Ornette Colemand and the Prime Time Band (Virgin Beauty LP)
Red Pepper II - Roosevelt Fountain and the Pens of Rhythm
The Chicken - Jackie Lee

Mr. Unreliable - Cryan' Shames
Hotel - 10cc (Sheet Music LP)
9 o'clock Business Man - Pepperming Trolley Company
Tomorrow - Strawberry Alarm Clock

Last Day - Hollies (Hear Hear LP)

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