Radio Ruckus special mix dedicated to Robin Santos rip
April 4, 2018 6:00pm


While i was djing a happy hour spot i used to do at B restaurant near the moscone center around 7/8 years ago, i had the lucky fortune to meet Robin who had an extraordinary zest for the good things in life, was always in a jovial mood, exuding good energy everywhere he went. With his girlfriend at the time Denise, we all became good friends and would meet from time to time so go to clubs and listen to music, Robin was a huge house music fan and he lived to dance. sadly after some medical issues he needed a kidney transplant and had been on dialisys for some time. i cant say suffered because Robin was not they guy to suffer, he left us so unexpectedly and it has been a big shock and loss to us all. He leaves behind a handsome young man, his son who Robin was extremely proud of.

Just want to say i wont forget you Robin, you were larger than life.

So i packed a bag if 12s old school style and laid down a classic mix improvised and tried to channel Robins spirit

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