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starring Dr. Hal !
April 20, 2018 10:00pm
THIS PODCAST, FROM JANUARY 19th of this year, was the first we managed after successfully entering the building according to what were the previously un-surmounted electronic protocols. We prevailed! But, now... Ah, well a-day! There is no getting in; had we any hopes of later ingress we would add to these replays as we had intended, coming to the Building immediately following the Live Show, the Friday night performance of ASK DR. HAL! now running, still, at the Chez Poulet Gallery-Cabaret down on Cesar Chavez. Such was the plan-- but the tendency of systems to elaborate upon themselves on their own has, through gradual degrees, erected an impenetrable barrier to our passage. The live ASK DR. HAL! will run for one final Friday night; then we must, only then we can-- hustle to tussle with the Kisi App and all its pestilential proliferating gremlins. During the run of a live show such combat exceeds our reach, we're here to tell you. Well, folks, we've been selling out the live show. If you're going, get your tickets now. This won't happen again for another year. And, confidentially, it'll NEVER play at CHEZ POULET AGAIN. You read it here first. And, in May, somehow, in the later Spring, we will prevail against the Dragon. Somehow...

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