all vinyl handpicked from years of digging, punk, pop, garage, psych, soul and funk and others
Episode #17 4/19/18 Liquid Liquid, Gil Scott, Pop Group, Funkadelic, Group 1850
April 19, 2018 8:00pm


Undergroove search party starts about 14:45 in due to DJ (me) being late. Again, unless noted, what is listed is a 7".

Rain Dance - Herbie Hanock (Sextant LP)
John Coltrane and Lady Day - Gil Scott Heron (the best of LP)

The Immaculate - Pop Group (Versions Galore EP)
Zero Leg - Liquid Liquid (Sucessive Reflexes EP)
Fire - Group 1850 (Mother No Head LP)
Get You Back - John Radar

Sagittarius Black - Timothy Mcnealy
I'lll bet you - Fundadelic (V/A Westbound Funk LP)
Just leave me some - Black Ivory
Birdie - Brides of Funkenstein (Funk or Walk LP)

Feeback - The Group (V/A Psych Funk 101 LP)
Vaqmos Campaneros - Harmonia (Harmonia 76 CD)
Hanged in the Universe - Herman's Rockets (V/A Jean Pierre Psychosis Discoid 1976-1981 CD)
Power to the People - Curtis Mayfield (Sweet Exorcist LP)

Wangaro - Pheno S Kani (S/T LP)
Choking on a piece of meat pt. 2 - Wakefield Brothers (V/A This is Acid Jazz CD)
Squeeze Me pt. 1 - Dynamic 7
Jody's on the run - Sonny Green

It's our time - Nancy Sinatra (You Go Go Girl CD)
Les Temp Des Souvenirs - Francois Hardy (The Vogue Years CD)
I go to piecers - Rachel Sweet
The Sun ain't gonna shine - Walker Brothers
What makes you so bad you were bought up that way - Outsiders

Acka Ragh - Shocking Blue (S/T LP)
For you Information - Mavi Isiklar (V/A hava narghile CD)

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