all vinyl handpicked from years of digging, punk, pop, garage, psych, soul and funk and others
Episode #18 4/26/18 Dictators, Teddy Robin, Pell Mell, Rotary Connection, Pussy Galore
April 26, 2018 8:00pm


As per usual, if not otherwise noted, then the designated song is on a 7" single.

Spank a lee - Herbie Hancock (Thrust LP)
A message from the meters - Sure Fire Soul Ensemble

Take it as it comes - Sugarman 3 (Pure Cane Sugar CD)
It's easier said than done - Otis Clay
The Changing Game - Boogie Knight and the Soulciety (Soul ain't no new thing LP)

Greasy Heart - Yuya Uchida and the Flowers (V/A Love, Peace and Poetry, Asian Psychedelic Music LP)
Turn me On - Rotary Connection (S/T)
Bigger than Life - The Quick
Love Won't desert me - Push Kings
Mr. Roland - Tommy Keene

Saucer - Pell Mell (Interstate CD)
Razar Hand - Dancing Cigarettes (Dance Dogs Dance LP)
Sweet Virginia - Pussy Galore (Exile on Main St. LP)
Rocket to Nowhere - Mike Rep and the Quotas (Stupor Hiatus LP)
Two Tub Man - Dictators (Go Girl Crazy CD)

Cries from the Midnight Circus - Pretty Things (Parachute LP)
A change is gonna come - Baby Huey (the Living Legend the Baby Huey story LP)

The man who must leave - Kim Sum (V/A Psych Funk 101)
Magic Colors - Teddy Robin and the Playboys (V/A Love, Peace and Poetry, Asian Psychedelic Music LP)
Magical Night - Phuong Tam (V/A Saigon Rock and Soul CD)
Can You dig it - Dave Hamilton

Running - Blackfoot (V/A Welcome to Zamrock Vol. 1 CD)
The Ghetto = Victor Green

The Mash - J Dilla (donuts LP)

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