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starring Dr. Hal !
May 11, 2018 10:00pm
BACK TO RADIO VALENCIA FOR SOME PURE, UNADULTERATED SHOW-- and it isn't as if we didn't try to resume podcasting last week. No, we came, we tried-- but just couldn't get into the !??@#$%?!! over-automated building. That requires the perfect application of a series of digital electronic protocols. Nothing worked, no help was available-- so, we had to go sadly home. But this week-- yes, this week was different. Lahat hahereb hammithppeket was on duty, but we did, nonetheless, pass the flame of the whirling sword-- this time. While reloadio went out that evening, so did we. Hear the sensation of cross-pollination re-establish our old Station. Puzzling Evidence sits in for a bit.

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