Radio Valencia, San Francisco Community Radio
Malderor - Vinyl Show; Old-Skool Hip-Hop, New-School Psych Rock, and 'Edibles.'
June 3, 2018 2:00pm


Malderor got a bunch of records in the mail that he'd intended to play at the Radio Valencia BBQ a couple weeks ago, so he plays them now. This somehow morphs into him trying a gummy "edible" from the neighboring dispensary, and seeing how that worked to make radio. And DJ Deathwish is there to keep things confusing! Check it out:

2:04pm: Guerilla Funk by Paris

2:12pm: The Mission by Special Ed

2:16pm: On The Run by The Jungle Brothers

2:22pm: Real McCoy (Ah, Ah, Ah, Dancehall Mix) by Rankin' Don

2:25pm: Gucci Dance (Oh My God Mix) by Sam The Beast

2:31pm: The Magnificent (Magnificent Mix) by Special Ed

2:37pm: Ward 10 by Monkey Mafia

2:50pm: Watch This, People by U-Brown

2:51pm: S.O.L. '07 by Wooden Shjips

3:00pm: Summer by Chatham Rise

3:04pm: Shovelheads by Shriekback

3:19pm: Life Giver, Life Taker by Godflesh

3:24pm: Situation Changes by A Place To Bury Strangers

3:29pm: Heartbreaker by Goatsnake

3:39pm: Cap Gun by Heaters

3:45pm: Germinal by 1000 Russos

3:51pm: Where Sky Meets Earth by Radar Men From The Moon

3:58pm: No Direction by The Unseen

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