all vinyl handpicked from years of digging, punk, pop, garage, psych, soul and funk and others
Episode #26 07/05/18 Terry Reid, Opal, The Fall, Sopwith camel, Spaceman 3
July 5, 2018 8:00pm


Superlungs my Superlungs – Terry Reid (Superlungs CD)
Jumping Jack Flash – Ananda Shankar (Ananda Shankar CD)
Psyche out – Herma Puma

Supernova – Opal (Happy Nightmare Baby CD)
The Night Behind us – Wendy and Bonnie (Genesis CD)
I don’t really mind – Tame Impala (Innerspeaker CD)
Get off your Ass and Jam – Funkadelic (Motor City Madness CD)
Purification Pt. 1 – Funk Shone

Safari – Eddie Senay
Burning Spear – S.O.U.L (S.O.U.L what is it LP)
I can’t convince you anymore – Free Expression
Wichita Lineman – Tony Motolla (Guitar Underground LP)
Albion Moonlight – William Tyler (Modern Country CD)

Ritmo De Los Angeles – Phil Manzanera (Primitive Guitars LP)
Tumor - Lizzy Mercier Decloux (Press On CD)
Two Steps Back – The Fall (Live From the Witch Trials CD)
Maybe in a Dream – Sopwith Camel (S/T LP)
Shadow – Samandtheplants (Eft CD)

Hold up – Mickey and Joyce (V/A jean pierre massiera, psychosis discoid 1976-1981 CD)
Key to my Happiness – Dynamic Corvettes
Peace is gonna come – Stairsteps
The Stretch – Detroit Sex Machines (V/A Cold Heat CD)
Acid Nightmare – Xarhanga (V/A Acid Nightmares LP)
Mary Anne – Spaceman 3 (Sound of Confusion LP)

Lions – Vermonster (The Spirit of Yma LP)
Drill Ye Terriers Drill – Archipelago Brewing Company (Drill Ye Terriers Drill CD)
Go – Pere Ubu (The Art of Walking LP)

Barricade – Bill Laswell (Baselines LP)
Theme From Shaft – Nite – Liters (Instrumental Direction LP)

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