all vinyl handpicked from years of digging, punk, pop, garage, psych, soul and funk and others
Episode #28 07/19/18 Dead Boys, Captain Beefheart, Can, Cymande, Electric Prunes, Left Banke
July 19, 2018 8:00pm


Land of Competition – Bad Religion (Suffer CD)
Too much Junk – Alley Cats
Too much meat in your Mouth – Dead Boys (Young, Loud and Snotty CD)
You – Eater (All of Eater CD)

Bangkok – Alex Chilton (The Lost Years LP)
The Way I walk – Cramps (Gravest Hits CD)
Whole Lot Better – Byrds (S/T LP)
Fall on You – Moby Grape (S/T LP)
Where there’s Women – Captain Beefheart (Safe as Milk LP)

Who’s outside the Door – Can (Monster Movies CD)
Bortglomb – Dungen (Ta De Lungt CD)
Acid Raga – Sunn Cycle (V/A Acid Nightmares LP)

Loaded Back – Michael Liggens and the Super Souls (V/A Function Underground LP)
Hi Babe – Ngozi Family (V/A Welcome to Zamrock Vol. 1 CD)
Bra – Cymande (S/T LP)
The Warrior – The Warrior (Lpi’ N Tombia LP)

Dissapearing – Material (Memory Servies LP)
Funky Cold Medina – Tone Loc (instrumental)
Papa’s got a brand new Pigbag – Pigbag

Goin’ down slowly (Pointer Sisters)
Sky Saw – Brian Eno (Another Green World CD)
Mavi Septet – Hayvanlar Alemi (Guarana Superpower LP)
Dance Indra – Ananda Shankar (S/T CD)

Everyone Knows you’re not in Love – Electric Prunes (Underground CD)
Only You - Dream Phases (Maybe Tomorrow CD)
Glance at the Past – Maypole (The Real LP)

Could it be, let me know – Cowsills (Painting the Day CD)
Desiree – Left Banke (There’s gonna be a Storm CD)
Another Place – Sagittarius

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