September 1, 2018 4:00pm


Broadcast 60 of Infinite Beat begins with a spotlight on the sublime Dais Records debut from Hiro Kone. Working with vocalists like Group A and the legendary Little Annie, Hiro Kone has sculpted one of the most spectacular records of this year. Highly recommended.

Afterwards is a lovely, audio jaunt with the beloved DJ extraordinaire, Primo. With his encyclopedia-like knowledge of all forms of dance music and his dedication to both his community of musicians and artists, Primo has become a respected voice in the Bay Area dance music community. His love of art and music is unparalleled, and it shines through in all of his mixes. Enjoy.

Topazu played:

Hiro Kone / Pure Expenditure (feat. Group A) / Pure Expenditure

Femminielli Noir / Exotico / Malas Influencias

Carter Tutti / Dancing Ghosts (2014 Remix) / Carter Tutti Remix Chris & Cosey

Carter Tutti / October (Love Song) [2014 Remix] / Carter Tutti Remix Chris & Cosey

Primo played:

Pinkcourtesyphone / WIstful Wishful Wanton / Foley Folly Folio

Cold / Strobe Light Network / Hyper Experience / Strobe Light Network

Synapse / Cosmic Connection / Get The Freaks And Get Some

Rhythm of Snow / Getting Closer to an Unknown Goal / Rhythm Of Snow

Twice of Love / The Birth / 24 Hours From Culture

Nitribit / Harmonic Walk / Harmonic Drive

Le Mystere / Opus 303 / On the Beat

MBG / Trance Wave Two (Mystic No Rhythm) / This Is MBG Underground

Mike Henk / Untitled B1 (DOX 003) / Untitled

Micronism / Constructing Space / Steps To Recovery

Nail / Brothers & Sisters (Dj Profile Mix) / Brothers & Sisters

Mark Ambrose / Underwater Acid / Smoky Clinic EP

Kong Oscar / Hypnotiserende / Kong Oscar

Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia / Maenad Beyond / Maenad / Exit 23

Junq / Neutron Harmonics / COG001

R Fresh & Kyng Nova / Devastating / Devastating / Feel It

Sem / Phox (Logan String) / Phox

Nuron / Eau Rouge / Likemind 04

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