Go See Them Live!
September 12, 2018 12:00am


What’s the gold standard? “Are they good live?” I keep harping on this theme, not that it needs to be said. Threw in a tad of country amongst the other funk, punk, rock, metal, fusion, etc. Played a few local bands too, some you’ve heard of, some probably not. So perk up your ears and enjoy!

12:04am: Ska On The Radio by Soul Ska

12:07am: Pepper by Butthole Surfers from Electric Larryland

12:11am: No One Lives Forever by Oingo Boingo

12:18am: You're Fine by Walter The Wolfman Washington

12:21am: When My Train Pulls In by Gary Clark Jr.

12:29am: I Ain't No Joke by Eric B and Rakim

12:32am: Hear My Train a Comin’ by Jimi Hendrix

12:40am: New Jack Theme by Living Color from Time’s Up

12:45am: Spitfire by Public Service Broadcasting

12:50am: Screaming For Vengeance by Judas Priest

12:54am: Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution by AC/DC

1:00am: Still Loving You by Alex Skolnick Trio from Goodbye to Romance

1:09am: Olodo by Aphrodesia from Shackrobeat Vol I

1:16am: Hottentot by John Scofield from A Go Go

1:24am: Fuck You by Bad Religion from True North

1:26am: Mad Man by D.R.I.

1:27am: Pacifica by Los Straitjackets

1:30am: Fallen Angels by Nuno from Schizophonic

1:40am: Railroad of Sin by Sturgil Simpson

1:41am: Steve’s Boogie by Eric Johnson

1:41am: Trademark by Eric Johnson

1:44am: Don’t Tell a Lie About Me by James Brown

1:51am: Those Damn Blue Collared Tweekers by Primus

1:55am: Stone Blue by Pat Martino

2:10am: Diamond Dust by Jeff Beck

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