October 3, 2018 12:00am



No it's not a Burning Man camp, but it could be...

Space_Bar broke at 1:15 AM. VJPussyCat and I reminisced about instrumental music because Jason's song...(and Satch!)

Thanks to the Japonize Elephants for
\m/ The New Birthday Song \m/

I Hate This Job :)

12:05am: Some Days by Sturgil Simpson

12:06am: Bones by Fat Freddy's Drop

12:13am: Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack/Paul Oakenfold remix

12:21am: Ascension by Jason Achilles Mezillis from Comedown

12:26am: Satch Boogie by Joe Satriani from Surfing With The Alien \m/

12:28am: In 3's by Beastie Boys from The Sound From Way Out Greeks, Aliens, and a whole lot more!

12:31am: Darkness, Earth In Search Of A Sun by Jeff Beck With The Jan Hammer Group

12:41am: Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

12:44am: Exit Music For A Film by Radiohead

12:49am: Signal 30 by Public Service Broadcasting

12:52am: Freewheel Burning by Judas Priest from Defenders Of The Faith

1:00am: Everest by Public Service Broadcasting from Live At Brixton

1:04am: Free Ganja by Rico Rodriguez from Roots To The Bone.
Greeks, Aliens, Roots To The Bone, and a whole lot more!

1:10am: One by Victor Wooten from Yin And Yang

1:19am: The_New_Birthday_Song by Japonize_Elephants
Greeks, Aliens, Roots To The Bone, Yin and Yang, Japonize_Elephants and a whole lot more!

1:20am: End_Times,_The_Theme_From_Bat_Boy by Japonize_Elephants

1:23am: Lovers_Are_Crazy by Steve_Vai

1:31am: Robin_Hood_In_Reverse by Bad Religion.

1:33am: Broken_Hearts by Living Colour

1:39am: Close to Me by The_Cure

1:44am: Lucky_Old_Sun by The_Isley_Brothers

1:46am: When_The_Sun_Goes_Down by Gary Clark Jr.

1:52am: Don't_Wanna_Fight by Alabama Shakes Greeks, Aliens, Roots To The Bone, Yin and Yang, Japonize_Elephants,_When_The_Sun_Goes_Down,_and a whole lot more!

1:57am: Spy_Smasher by Soul Ska Greeks, Aliens, Roots To The Bone, Yin and Yang, Japonize_Elephants,_When_The_Sun_Goes_Down,_Soul Ska_and a whole lot more!

1:59am: Guns of Brixton by The_Clash

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