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starring Dr. Hal !
October 5, 2018 10:00pm
STARMAN, not Jeff Bridges but Ken Utsui, the hero of a Japanese TV show, is sent by a coalition of confederated planets to stop testing of nuclear weapons on Earth. He employs the assistance of a bunch of kids, too, though invulnerable and able to fly... one shouldn't knock any aid one can get from the rising generation. Can that be the subtext of the strange plot of ATOMIC RULERS OF THE WORLD (1964)? The 9 films featuring Starman, a.k.a. Super Giant, though in ATOMIC RULERS he does not exhibit his additional power of expansion, like Marvel's Ant-Man when he becomes Giant Man, were purchased for distribution to U.S. television and edited, if that's the word, into 4 episodes by cut-rate Walter Manley Enterprises and low-rent Medallion Films. The basal Japanese pictures which were to become ATOMIC RULERS (by name SUPER GIANT and SUPER GIANT CONTINUES) were 49 minutes and 53 minutes in duration respectively. These two were hacked by the hackmeisters into one 83-minute entertainment. The originals, it should be said, were two parts of a complete story, but a total of 19 minutes vanished during the re-editing, dropping essential backstory and plot elements from both. And it was also at this time most of the original music was scrapped and replaced by library cues. That, in less-than-glorious smeary, blurry black-and-white is what we, Dr. H. Owll and Puzzling Evidence, narrated. BUT the amount of degradation present, though to be aesthetically regretted, only adds luster to the divine SubGenius concept of BULLDADA. You see, to SubGeniuses, the more infimal the cultural product may appear, the greater likelihood of profundity in its essence. We suppose this axiom should be iterated now and then. All this came after we began, featuring SubGenius Archival material (from X-Day XXI) and preceded by Dr. H. Owll's recitation, to the music of Robbie Basho, of Dylan Thoma's "The Long-Ago Seabird Rises." 3 hours.

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