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starring Dr. Hal !
October 12, 2018 10:00pm
PERIPATETIC QUONDAM GUEST DR. PENNY accepts our hospitality. The Trump-loving Angelena is a SubGenius fellow-traveler from SoCal's realms; she asked several questions and the clink of coins exchanging hands was heard. Archival sources, poems of Dylan Thomas, the music of Robbie Basho-- these flavored the session. Puzzling Evidence later appeared and we hooked up the equipment to narrate (yet) another Monster Movie. Although classic Bulldada is considered the purest and best by discriminating practitioners of SubGenial scientific criticism, since originating before the Knowing Age it is assumed to manifest the best aesthesis, allegory, poetic narrative and prophetic wisdom, unclouded by self-referential symbolism, the night's exercise ably demonstrated that the secret slackful illumination can come in even along latter vectors, even from latter sources. This show's exemplar: LAVALANTULA, in which washed-up actor Steve Gutenberg plays a washed-up actor who complains when he finds out he is making a movie about giant bugs (sounding the self-referential note). In the story, but not in the fictive film-within-a-film, volcanic activity under L.A. coughs up hideous, murderous flame-belching giant spiders. Drama, horror and hilarity ensue, assisted by cameos from other alumni of the POLICE ACADEMY series... Learned listeners will note a superficial similarity to THE BLACK SCORPION (1957), in which huge subterranean arachnids escape to the surface from their abyssal realm to terrorize rural Mexico and Mexico City. We hope the audio track makes a worthy addition to our enterprise. Four hours (and hours)...

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