No Background Music, But More Cowbell...
October 17, 2018 12:00am


Due to technical difficulties, there's a lack of background music, so my voice is even more boring, kinda like...a cowbell! Started a new segment on the show dedicated to that deeply expressive and articulate instrument. We'll be exploring some quarter note clanking (or is it clunking?) on every episode going forward, or until I run out of songs, get bored, or can't take it anymore.

Cowbell, the Chinese Water Torture of rock music.

12:00AM Ballad by New Model Army

12:05AM ...And Justice For All by Metallica

12:14AM Nutshell by Alice In Chains

12:19:36 Frankenstein by Edgar Winter (and damn I miss that bike)

12:24:19 You've Got Another Thing Coiming by Judas Priest

12:19:19 Hair Of The Dog by Nazareth

12:34:05 World War IV by Antibalas

12:41:02 Burn by N.I.N.

12:45:55 Leave In Silence by Depeche Mode

12:50:30 In Other Words by Shopping

12:54:08 Modern Love by David Bowie

12:58:50 All Of Me by Billie Holliday

1:01:53 Kiss me on the Veranda

1:02:58 Society by Pennywise

1:06:18 Options by The Proletariat

1:08:15 Rats by Pearl Jam

1:12:09 Vote 'Em Out by Willie Nelson

1:15:18 Something For Nothing by Rush

1:19:47 MORE COWBELL!!

1:20:22 Night Train by Guns n Roses

1:24:40 Veteran Of The Psychic Wars by Blue Oyster Cult

1:29:26 Let's Stay Together by Al Green

1:33:09 Passata On Guitar by Pat Martino

1:36:00 La Canada by Paco de Lucia

1:41:10 Big River - Live by The H1ghwaymen

1:44:30 Ting Be by Aphrodesia

1:51:40 Foolin' by Def Lepard

1:56:06 Gemini by Alabama Shakes

2:02:37 Backstage With The Modern Dancers by Great Lake Swimmers

2:07:00 Island In The Sky by Alex Skolnick's Planetary Coalition

2:13:24 Rolling Pin by Heavy Petting Zoo

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